Sellers - Seller Market

Buyer/Seller Market

As a Seller, you do have a distinct advantage in wanting to sell your home right now: real estate inventories are low, while Buyer demand is riding high.

A smart agent will use this classic example of supply and demand to create an auction environment for your home. When demand for homes far outweighs the current supply of homes, you have what is considered a Seller’s Market.

Home values in the Portland Metro market have been on the rise since Since May of 2012. Whereas questionable home loan practices helped spur the housing Boom of the early-mid 2000’s, values have risen in the Metro Areas simply due to a healthy real estate market with plenty of Buyers and a slight shortage of homes on the market.

In a Seller’s market, Sellers will benefit from growth in home values across the market, and they may have their pick from multiple offers. Multiple offers will allow the Seller to choose the offer with the best price, terms, and timeline to ultimately meet their Selling needs and goals.